Competitive (Classic) Program


Competitive Teams (also known as classic, traveling or select teams) are formed at ages 11U through 19U. This is a program for the more committed player and parents. It provides players the opportunity to advance in their technical and tactical skills through a higher level of competition. Competitive soccer often involves more practice, commitment to the game, fund raising, and more travel. 

Games are held in neighboring communities, but will include other cities such as Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, Green Bay and Manitowoc. Teams will generally enter several tournaments throughout the season.

Competitive players are selected at tryouts. Tryouts are generally held in June prior to the season for which the team will play.

Competitive soccer expectations

  1. Fees and costs
    1. Player registration
    2. Tournaments
    3. Trainer; outdoor and indoor
    4. Other expenses may apply depending on the team’s activities
  2. Uniform
    1. Own and responsibility of the player
    2. On a 2-year cycle; on the last year of the cycle, all teams/players must change uniforms
  3. Team practice and training
    1. Once or twice per week during the season
    2. One or two months off depending of team’s level of play
  4. League games
    1. One league game per week
    2. Games are within a one or two hour driving distance
    3. Play on the East Central league; playing levels for Spring & Fall are 1, 2 and 3; 1 being the highest
  5. Tournaments
    1. May involve travel; usually in state and within a reasonable driving distance
    2. Most times games are on weekends; could have a game on a Friday
  6. Other team and individual activities
    1. Fundraising and buy-out to offset costs; as a team or individual
    2. Indoor soccer; this is optional and depends on each team