In House Recreational (5U-6U)


All activities are held at Combined Locks Memorial Park (405 Wallace St). 

The program begins in May and runs through mid-July

Players start arriving at 5:20 PM, will pick out a #3 soccer ball and start kicking it around with the assistance of their parent. At 5:30 the organized activities begin, led by a coach/trainer. Parents will be encouraged to stay engaged with their child to see that the skill is being performed correctly for the player’s level of understanding. Kid type games are played using the skill that has just been introduced. These activities continue until 6:10 PM, at this time the parents will divide their team colors into groups of 3 or 4 players. Parents will be around the fields where games are played and will allow the players to play with limited interference.

For the first nights of play, games will be kept simple. Any ball going out of play will be returned to play by a “kick” with the ball staying on the ground. If a goal is scored, the players return to the center of the field around the circle facing their goal (don’t forget to substitute players), a ball is tossed into the center circle, play begins.

For this program to be successful, parents MUST be involved with their players. At least two or three parents from each team (color) must step up to help in dividing the players into groups of three and getting groups paired off on the playing fields. Parental help is needed during the games to substitute players, let the players know when the ball is out of play and how it will be put back into play.






3 v 3 with no Goal Keeper

Roster size (maximum)    

6 (single sided) 
10 (side by side)

Min. playing time for each player    


Periods and duration of game (min)    




Field Dimensions (yds)    

20-30 length
15-25 width

Goal Dimensions (ft)    

4 by 6

Ball size    


Field markings    

No penalty area




Not enforced

Penalty kicks    


Free kicks    

Indirect only

During kick - opponents away (yds)    


Slide tackle    

Not Allowed